How to care for natural silk?

Knowing how to take care of silk clothes can make all the difference for long-lasting silk garments whether it’s silk dress, silk blouse, silk pajamas or any other silk item.

Silk is very delicate fabric so follow these simple but important rules:

  1. Separate the clothing. Yo should always wash delicates with delicates. Furthermore,you should always separate silk to dark, colour and white so the colours won’t transmit.
  2. Use a mesh bag. Put the silk item in a mesh bag so it will be protected from any unwanted damage.
  3. Load the washing machine. Don’t overload the machine by leaving enough empty space.
  4. Add silk wash. Use silk wash and silk detergent for washing silk as it best takes care of silk garments. Follow instructions on the package for dosage.
  5. Choose the right washing mode. Silk should only be washed in delicate mode with the shortest spin cycle and the temperature should be no more than 30 degrees.
  6. Dry with a towel. Put wet silk on a towel and fold the towel over it, gently press to remove extra water. Pro tip: Use a white cotton towel so it won’t transmit the colour.
  7. Final dry. Hang the silk garment on the hanger or drying rack in a well-ventilated room away from sunlight.


Professional dry cleaning recommended.

Wash Inside out Wash with similar colours

Wash Inside out
Wash with similar colours

Don't bleach

Iron low heat

Dry naturally

Don't trumble dry